Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Make sure that your phone has at lst 90% of charging level.- Turn it off.- Take out its SIM-card and memory card in case it has one.- Run Odin.exe program.- Check only: Auto Reboot + F.Reset Time- Click on PDA button to select the firmware update file from its extracted folder:T679UVLK2_T679UVLK2_T679UVLK2_HOME.tar.md5- Put your T679 into Download Mode (Press hold Volume Down , Then press Power button).- Plug the USB cable into your phone and PC.- Wait until installs any needed drivers for your T679.- Odin program will detect the COM port of your phone 0:[COMxx]- Click on Start button and Odin flasher will install the new firmware files into your device.- After finishing the update process Odin program will reboot your T679.- To make sure if the update was successful or not, Look at Odin's window and you will see PASS!

Android 2.3.6:- T679UVLK2 / TMBLK2 USA T-Mobile

flasher::S5360_Downloader - Download - 4shared

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