Tuesday, May 24, 2016

MXBOX/HTI Unlock Lumia 710 Step by Step

Many Users having confusion about how to Unlock, if some done wrong can Kill the Phone, keeping in mind i have tried to make Procedure sier step by step.

1st. How to Flash: (Step I, II & III) can be seen in 1

Step I- Extract "RM-803_Qualcomm_DLOAD.z" to Product directory "Phoenix\Products\RM-803"

Step II- Choose " 710 RM-803 Qualcomm DLOAD" on market item.

Step III- Flash.


2nd. How to Unlock after Flashing, changing phone mode to "OSBL" , all Steps below can be seen in 2.

Install drivers for "Qualcomm MA Technologies MSM" with driver from directory "data\drivers\qcusb"

You will see "Phone detected in "Qualcomm DLOAD" mode, if not seen Click Interface Scan button.

Now you will see "Phone detected in "Qualcomm DLOAD" mode, plse use eMMC Tool !" and eMMC Tool show up

Click " Info"


NOTE: a Mass storage device( Qualcomm MMC Storage USB Device )
will be detected by
and will ask if you want to format,

3rd. Now Final Step for given below can be seen in 3

Click "Unlock"

Caution: Don't Click any other Button while doing Unlock Process, if have no Id for what function they works.


Note: If ask for Network after Unlock, just put 00000000 (8 times 0 Digit)
Now Lumia Phone is Unlocked sily.
Don't you think it's sy to Unlock?

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