Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Download MK902 1080p V4.4 firmware Smic 717394 new v2

Download MK902 1080p V4.4 firmware Smic717394 V2 from here, here or here.
On the rom side, I fixed few bugs with the daemon and update the supersu and binary to latest version 2.01, install twrp recovery, added few more apps, remove the beyondxbmc as in kitkat the HW acceleration doesn�t work yet, change the default wallpaper to a simple brushed aluminium look, modified the Launher3.

Beside the standard apps, the new apps installed in this rom are:

- Antutu � Benchmark app.
- Autorun � This app allow you to automatically start one or more apps when the unit starts.
- No-frills CPU control � Allow you to change the CPU max and minimum, and governors.
- Reboot by petrus � Updated to v 1.2.2
- SPMC 13.2 � XBMC for RK3188
- Terminal Emulator
- textdroider_dpi � allow you to change the dpi to a smaller or larger one.
- install TWRP recovery.

On the kernel side, I implemented the shutter fix, modify the rockchip hdmi drivers so if it doesn�t mute when the HDMI is disconnected or in case the SOC detects your connection as DVI.

The kernels are now compressed, mainly to prevent ing not by you fine people but by company that uses the ROM made by the grt devs from Frktab. We put allot of work and hours into this ROMs and few companies think that if they download than the kernel with their brand its theirs, not fairs. So here are my terms for using this rom. As a private user and as a member of this page you can use the rom as you like, without any limitation what so ever, but I would appreciate if you lve my boot animation, it�s all I have to show after all. If you want to use the ROM commercially, you cannot remove any of the branding from the ROM and from the Kernel, you can use it as you wish but as it is, if you want to change it you can get in touch with any dev from this side only.
via www.frktab.com

Instructions1. Download the firmware archive and extract it on desktop.2. Second, connect MK902 to your computer. Prepare an USB cable (male USB to male USB cable); insert one USB port to computer usb host. Prepare also a thin metal stick; press the recover button like in the below. Don�t loose the stick, at same time, insert the another USB port to the unit USB slave port. After 3-5 seconds, loose the stick.

3. Install driver using RK Driver Assistant.4. Erasae IDB and the the with RKAndroidTool using 'Flash Rom' button.

This process will take about 4 minutes, plse wait patiently, during recovery/upgrade, don�t remove the USB cable and don�t power off during updating or recovering. First reboot of the unit after recovery/update will take more long time than usual, and even occur some lag issue, it�s normal since internal apk files need to be decompressed and occupy RAM, after 5 minutes, then system will be running well. So don�t worry about that.

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